Sunday, November 14, 2010

Character Development

Yesterday's 'Illustration Friday- Burning' was my first attempt at developing a character. I have read that continuity is important so I thought I'd better give it a shot. Although my depiction of the same subject in various positions isn't flawless I'm quite happy with the result. Below are two more sketches of the little girl (let's call her Saskia) and her mother, which I am hoping to complete when I get some other projects out of the way first.

This sketch is actually the image I based the character on. She was originally inspired by my daughter who at the crack of dawn will find a hat and drag us to the front door keen as ever to get outside.

Any body out there have any tips for keeping one's characters consistent?


  1. Hi Hannah! I missed your first Illustration Friday post last week, but I’m glad I found you. Your take on “afterward” was precious! I loved the scene, the layout and the characters. When I am illustrating a book, the way I keep my characters consistent is 1: I draw the character in many different poses and expressions before I place them in a situation. and 2: I use the place feature on my desk top to place a pic of the character onto my workboard. (not sure if you work digitally or not) but that’s how I do it :o)

  2. Thanks Jack! I really value your input since your work is so great. I do need to practice drawing poses and expressions before I sketch them in a scenario. I think I'll do just that!