Monday, May 21, 2012

Creating Picture Books at Pinerolo

Earlier this year I attended a Creating Picture Books course at Pinerolo: The Children's Book Cottage. The course was run by Margaret Hamilton and Illustrator Dee Huxley. I must admit I was nervous about going. I'm a fairly shy person and was reluctant to show people my work, which is kinda crazy since I put it out there on the internet for the world to see every week, but both Margaret and Dee were extremely welcoming and helpful. The course was very comprehensive and covered every aspect of creating picture books, including resources, writing, editing, illustrating, book dummies, publishers  and much more.  Margaret and Dee were honest and constructive, which I appreciated.

I came away from the day feeling confident about my work but aware that I needed to do more illustrations of the same character in multiple poses. I have also been trying to draw from life more frequently. I always knew that life drawing would improve my skills but I was unaware of just how quickly I would start seeing improvement. Here is a bit of what I've been up to of late. 


  1. Great.. this is the story of my granddaughter at this moment. she is nearly 3 years old and gets clothes to dress herself up

  2. hello,
    your drawings are charming as can be.
    it sounds like your experience was helpful and inspiring. I wish you the best each step of the way!

  3. It sounds like a fantastic course to do! Love the sketches you have created - must look into doing a course like this... :)